Darkhan 219
Sukhbaatar 311
Erdenet 371
Bulgan 318
Moron 671
Khovd 1425
Altai 1001
Tsetserleg 430
Harkhorin 350
Mandalgovi 260

Dalanzadgad 553
Olgii 1636
Bayankhongor 630
Uliastay 984
Ulaangom 1336
Choybalsan 655
Baruun-Urt 560
Ondorhaan 331
Arvaykheer 430

These distances are an average as depend the roads chosen to reach major destinations, and in Mongolia you have to count by hours or days and not by km to know how long can be a trip.
Not more than 3000km of asphalted roads in Mongolia (UB-Darkhan-Erdenet- Bulgan; UB-Karkhorin; UB-Arvaikheer; UB-Zuunmood; UB- Onforhaan) all others roads are running tracks.
As even you can reach different cities with public transportation only a jeep can follow mountain roads and across rivers especially if you want to visit the soul of Mongolia. On Mongolia most of jeeps are the stronger Russian military UAZ , also you can found UAZ mini bus. Now it’s possible to find Japanese jeep but not suitable to go to countryside as the Russian UAZ ones!
Outside of major cities it’s really difficult to find garage mechanic, also petrol can sometimes be difficult to find so when leaving Mongolian take with them always some petrol as some wheels. As running tracks are bad to break down is easy and so drivers are first at all real good mechanic.


voltage: 220v frequency 50hz plugs: type C+E NOTE: Type E receptacles will also accept Type C plugs

You can ask on restaurants and temples of cities and villages to charge, maybe you will pay some tugrugs for this service. On the gers to charge is difficult or impossible. Now some nomad families have solar panels for daily use but they don’t produce an important quantity of electricity and so if you charge the risk is that nomads will stay without electricity!
You may also recharge batteries in the car - 12 v cigarette lighter; also you can bring from home an electric inverter to 220v from 12v as well small solar charger, a plug adaptor and take with you quantity of batteries for your mobile, cameras...

You will find easy cyber points anywhere on UB and major cities. As written with Latin alphabet you will recognize the sign without problem. You can use USB keys but be careful for virus, you can also print and engrave CD and DVD.


Now you can use also on countryside your mobile phone as even not everywhere the signal can be reach. You will find on cities and big villages the Post where it’s possible to phone and connected with internet.


(English, Russian)