Mongolia is a fabulous and unique destination for all the lovers of immense and wild landscape and of the simple human contact with nomads heis to an age-old way of life.

Think that you will have to change your mind during your trip to adjust to local events (Naadam, marriage…), you must give time to meet people and absorb the emotions of the place.

You will travel through untouched land and so you will have the possibility to go where you want choosing the road you prefer. You must know that on the steppe the average of the speed is 30/50 Km/hour and running tracks aren't always in good conditions.

The itineraries show are for help you to create your own trip according your own pace and desires. Don't hesitate to contact me and ask all you want to know, we are here to help you to realize yours dreams from the common place to the most unusual, while respecting the Mongolian land and its people.

It isn't necessary to "see" all the "tourist places" to fall in love with this land and its people. The landscape and the sky are wonderful everywhere and few kilometers outside the capital you are in the middle of the steppe and magical meeting can happen in any moment.

On the steppe you must be as self-sufficient as possible to be able to resolve anykind of problem: take with you camping equipement for the season and the area you have choosen.
Good shoes for trekking and riding can be useful if you are thinking of discovering Mongolia with some days of walking or riding.
Buy enough water and food for your trip, because sometimes it is hard to find food in far areas.
Think to take some useful presents. Nomads will not expect something from you but their life is hard; lighters, cigarettes, swiss knives, needle and thread to sew, pen and pencils are really appreciated.

Beginning of October the hunting with eagles opens on Bayan Olgy area. Since some years revive traditional custom as competition where the best eagles come generally on first week end of October. It’s a great opportunity to see eagles at work, equestrian games as to go hunting on mountains contacting hunters living on the area.
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About 50 km west of Kövsgöl lake is a large depression called Darkhadyn Khotgor, often referred to as Tsagannuur (White Lake). This nice aimag has about 300 lakes, over 200 of them in this area alone and you can discover them hiking, by jeep or riding. From Darkhadyn Khotgor you can also reach only by riding Tsaatan tribe who lives in the taiga with reindeer.

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